I’ve been using First Class Immigration for over four years and had nothing but excellent service and peace of mind with them. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone. For most people immigration law is a complicated and alien topic, I was no exception and so thankful I found this company to help me though the processes. Everything was explained in a way I could understand, and my cases were completely tailored to my situation. A fantastic company!Chris Wilkinson

If you’re needing immigration legal services First Class Immigration will take care of you. Michael explained every single step along the way with assurance and confidence. His knowledge of the procedures, policies and law is worth every cent. Getting US residency or citizenship is one of the most important things you’ll ever do so be sure to have First Class Immigration do the hard stuff for you. There is no feeling like getting your green card in the mailbox. I could NOT have done it without First Class Immigration.!Aj Wrigley

First Class Immigration has been working with our band, and me personally for the last 9 years. The professionalism and reasonable pricing is not to be taken lightly. Michael Smallbone who started this company has become someone that I trust and refer all of my friends to when It comes to immigration needs. He is very realistic in his assessment of situations. First Class Immigration is true to its name and done at a price rate that an artist can work with. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the friendly and helpful nature of the staff. A truly excellent company, that provides a fantastic service in what can be a very stressful time.Jason BelcherJason The Ember Days

First Class Immigration all the way! Wouldn’t think of going with anyone else. Professional, timely, competitively priced and they UNDERSTAND. They don’t treat you like a client, they treat the case as if its their own. Not only did they take on a very difficult case, we were successful, and now I’m a very happy Green Card holder. Highly recommend them.y!Joshua Brown

My wife and I placed total trust in Michael as he guided us through the most important, life impacting, decision we’ve made as a couple – to move to the United States. I am from Australia and my wife is from France. Add to that our children and needless to say our case was a challenge. Throughout Michael was to us both an expert and a friend, providing all the information we needed as well as encouragement and care. Words fail to capture how grateful we are to First Class Immigration for making it possible for us to now call Tennessee our home. If you are planning to move to the United States we highly recommend First Class Immigration.Brett Mabury

Wouldn’t want to work with anyone else on my Immigration Visas than with First Class Immigration. I have worked with Michael on two occasions and both times he has been nothing but professional and helpful. He is great at communication and gets the job done.Logan Mackenzie

I had the pleasure of working with First Class Immigration on both my initial green card and then my US citizenship. Every step of the way, they were there to help me understand what I needed to do and quickly get my paperwork completed and filed.The staff are courteous, helpful, and always quick to reply and engage me in the process. Never once did I feel like a number or another task to fulfill. I felt like a person-which is more than I could say for the US immigration system itself.As a result, I have referred many people to First Class Immigration and I have never received a negative comment about their services and professional attitude.If you are looking for legal representation regarding your immigration or you just need help understanding the forms or the legal process, I highly recommend using First Class Immigration.Ben Woodward

I can’t remember who first referred us to First Class Immigration but I am so thankful they did!! I had been told by so many people that the process of becoming a permanent resident was incredibly frustrating, long and painful. Our experience with Michael on our side was anything but that!! He was professional, friendly and operated with incredible integrity. Working with him made all the forms and paperwork so much less daunting and if we ever had any questions he was just a phone call or email away, we didn’t have to wait on the phone for hours while being transfered between operators with contradicting and confusing answers. I wish I had a Michael to battle through all my healthcare claims!! To put it simply, First Class Immigration is fantastic; an invaluable resource to anyone going through immigration!Susan Cox

Usually a lot is on the line when you’re dealing with immigration. I also know the immigration process can look daunting. After my experience with First Class Immigration I know it doesn’t have to be. Everything was made clear and easy. I hope this google recommendation influences more people to experience the ease I had through the process.Ben Johanson

The team at First Class Immigration handled my immigration matters from being a visitor all the way through to me becoming a citizen. The entire process was super efficient, clear & cost effective. I cannot help but recommend them to anyone looking for immigration services.FireHouse Talent

5 stars, would give more if possible! Michael went above and beyond for my successful O1 petition. Even though we were met with some very frustrating moments along the way, he was always there to make sure everything ran smoothly. His personal stories, positive outlook and complete confidence in my case, made me feel at ease. If you are looking for an attorney who goes the extra mile, I can’t recommend Michael and his team higher 🙂Danielle Blakey

Had an amazing experience. Very professional & always quick to respond and assist with any needs I had throughout the process of attaining my VISA.Tim Bettinson

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