Rapid growth in the US job market has brought lots of extra jobs to the country. We can help you with your professional work visas.


Performing in the USA as an artist can be a confusing process. First Class Immigration works for you to make the process as straightforward as possible.


Do you have a family member, spouse, fiance, parent, or child who would like to immigrate to the US? First Class Immigration will work with you to secure legal status.


Securing employment-based green cards is a tedious and complicated process. First Class Immigration works with entertainers, ministers, and professionals to help them establish permanent residency.


Applying for US citizenship can be overwhelming. Let First Class Immigration help you iron out the bumps in the road.


Relocating with your family? Great! We can submit and process all necessary paperwork to help you settle into your new home.



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Michael Smallbone is a licensed immigration lawyer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Michael works with people wishing to relocate to the United States either for a work related opportunity or by marriage to a US citizen. Our firm represents both individuals and corporations and has extensive experience in all aspects of immigration law, including permanent residency applications for both employment and family-based petitions.

As a naturalized US citizen, Michael Smallbone personally understands the frustration and anxiety associated with immigrating to the United States in addition to the technical requirements of filing for immigration status within the United States. Michael is a former immigrant with more than 10 years of experience in immigration law. He is a member (Lawyer/Attorney) of the Tennessee Bar Association, AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association), and the American Bar Association. He prides himself on fast and thorough service and uses the most current technology to ensure expedient and accurate collection of documents and client information.

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Michael Smallbone was a blessing to me. The process was painless and I felt comfortable and confident throughout the entire process knowing that I had Michael and his team helping me out! It wasn’t long before my application was approved! And that’s not all. Even after I was approved, he continued offering me his expert advice! I recommend him to all of my friends!
Jay Lane
Working together with Michael and his team was amazing. I remember being stressed and Michael stayed by our side and guided us throughout the entire process. The team here are fast, responsive and most of all they care about you.
Vinh Giang
Within hours of being introduced to Michael, it felt like we were old friends! His knowledge, experience and professionalism is second to none. In much less time that I could have imagined, he got my O1 renewed. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an Immigration Attorney. Michael and his team are the best!
First Class Immigration is true to its name and done at a price rate that an artist can work with. I couldn't speak highly enough of the friendly and helpful nature of the staff. A truly excellent company, that provides a fantastic service in what can be a very stressful time.
Jason, The Ember Days
Michael went above and beyond for my successful O1 petition. Even though we were met with some very frustrating moments along the way, he was always there to make sure everything ran smoothly. His personal stories, positive outlook and complete confidence in my case, made me feel at ease.
Danielle Blakey
From the start to finish this was a pleasant, professional experience. Michael made the process so simple, knew all the forms to file, and kept track of everything. When we went for the interview it was simple. All the papers and information were already there, we were finished in 10 minutes. Five stars aren't enough.
Cliff Skaggs

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